MEMOIRES bookstore was established in 1987. Building on its foundation of trust, teamwork, loyalty and commitment, our establishment stands out with its unparalleled variety of services, which are branched as follows:


Provides a selection of school and educational supplies, kids art material as well as office stationery, arts and craft materials, gift items and cards, and a range of high-quality brand items, including customized stamps for companies and many more.


Offers school books and several other genres of books such as self-help, fiction, children’s books and encyclopedias. In addition to a number of educational games and family board games, comics, magazines, newspapers and much more to offer.

Copy Center:

From simple photocopies to indoor and outdoor printing, the Copy Center division is your destination for designing, customizing, embroidering and printing out your ideas on a variety of items such as mugs, pillows, rocks, key chains, towels, wallpapers, banners and much more.

Digital printing:

This division provides photo printing services where you can take photo passports or even print your special moments on small and large sizes. In addition to creating customized digital albums for special occasions such as proposals, weddings and graduations.


Our services also include framing mirrors, photos and canvases on either standard sizes or your choice of customized sizes with a variety of frame designs and colors.

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